About Inter-Arc Consultants Ltd.

Inter-Arc Consultants Ltd is a management and training consulting firm, which provides the under-listed services inter-alia to individuals, groups and organization:

Human Resource Training

Organizing customized training workshop, seminars, competency improvement training for all categories of employees and Orientation for job applicants.

Executive and Workforce Hiring Services

We relieve our clients the burden of recruitment by providing a more cost effective hiring services with professional touch.


This basically has to do with the contracting of a business function that was performed in-house to an external provider. We enter into contractual agreement with out clients to perform some business functions of them, etc. .

Management Support and Resource Services

These includes; Business advisory, Administrative support and back up management, Business turn around services, Bank charges audit etc.

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  • Objectives
  • Our Vision
  • Our Mission
  • Core Values

Our Objectives

To develop and provide a broad spectrum of management and business consulting products aim at improving and facilitating business and organizational growth.

Provide high quality, prompt and value-added general management support services to clients.

Make management consulting and other support services available and affordable to users.

Add more value to our service delivery through a process of continuous improvement.

Our Vision

To be a model in business and management consulting in Nigeria.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage and promote management excellence and organizational growth through the provision of quality, prompt and value added management consulting services.

Core Values

• Value for money
• Professionalism
• Quality and standard
• Prompt service delivery
• Commitment
• Partnership and collaboration. .

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The business environment is going through phases of changes and at an unprecedented pace too. Business strategies and even structures of past can no longer be delivered and have to be reviewed, updated and implemented if your business can prove its performance.

For the effective delivery of its services and programmes, Inter-Arc consultants relies largely on its consulting team and its administrative team. Both teams are coordinated by the chief executive officer.

The Chief operation Officer: The chief executive officer is the chief coordinator of the company’s operations on a day to day basis. He is Mr Nikori J.I B.sc, MBA, FACM, ACIT ANITAD MNIM. He has worked in several organizations and has a vast experience in administration, business and human resources management.
The Consulting Team: The consulting team is made up of In-house consultants and a pool of associate consultants: The In-house consultants have been acknowledged as highly skilled and competent. it also engages qualified and experienced resource persons from Research institutes , universities ,the Public service and the Private sector within and outside the country.
(a) In-house consultants includes:
 Dr. fedrick D uademevbo, BA,PGDE, M.ED, PHD.  Nana John ,BA,Msc.(phd candidate).  Uyi Osazuwa Bsc MBA.  Soremi BSc. MBA FACM
(b) Administrative team:
 Toby C.Y Onyinoba BSc. (Business Development Officer).  Azubuike Ijibike BSc. (Customer Care Services).  Morrison Edo (IT Support/Secretary).  Joy Braimoh (Asst ICT Support officer).


The business environment is going through phases of changes and at an unprecedented pace too. Business strategies and even structures of past can no longer be delivered and have to be reviewed, updated and implemented if your business can prove its performance.

Our strategies help our client improve their performance and achieve results. We achieve results by working closely with you to understand you, your business and your needs in the best possible way. Jointly we formulated a realistic, actionable and measurable plan to satisfy your unique needs.

Our strategy process is not limited to the following:
 Analyzing of existing business problems through strategic intelligence gathering and analysis
 Design and formulation of company strategy based on product/service mix, markets to be served, industry and company value chains, company capabilities and future desired capabilities, company’s competitive advantage and future value space for the company.
 Implementing strategy and performance measurement through identifying options with recommendations, providing additional resources and/or the implementation of solutions.
 Strategy review and updating, using the advantage of outsides perspective to identify problems and cross fertilize best practices, suggest new effective and efficient ways of performing business tasks, change management and coaching skill as well as technology implementation.


Over the years we have been developing effective managemet solution that address problem faced by companies, non-profit organizations and career seeker. Our customized solutions meet the specific needs of our clients.

Human Resources Solution: We understand the adverse effects unqualified and incompetent candidates can have in a company’s productivity, timeline and finances. Therefore we meticulously screen every candidate to ensure they meet regard highly the business values and objectives of our clients.
(a) Career Seekers:As professionals we bring an insider perspective to employers need, enabling us to get ideal candidates. Our screening process consists of :
o Registration and completion of applicants bio data
o In-dept interviews
o Verification of professional references
The in-dept face-to-face interview is designed to discover your motivations, skills, work environment preferences, management styles and expectations for your ideal position.
Registering with Inter-Arc Consultants Ltd. Provides enormous benefits. We committed to finding and placing you into a position that best you.
(b) Human Resources hiring/outsourcing: We provide workforce and executive hiring and outsourcing services to clients using our rich Applicant Data bank as well as other strategic sources.

Human Capacity Building: We undertake the writing of seminar, training workshop papers for our client.
(a) Leadership Development:
 We can help you develop your leadership potentials with our leadership improvement training scheme. This development program is formulated as an exclusive one-on-one process,flexible enough to fit your schedule.
 If you are a company or religious organisation that wanta to develop the leadership potentials in your people or members, we are at your service.
(b) General Competency Improvement:
 We organize competency improvement training ,orientation for all categories of employees and potential employees in general managemt and technical areas.

General Management Support Solutions: We support our client under our general management solutions through the offer of business advisory services, provision of administrative support and backup management, company secretary-ship, business turnaround services, stock taking, Bank charges audit, personnel audit, financial investigations, and ICT services.


We offer placements for qualified applicants in the following job areas:

(i) Administration (ii) Technical (iii) Secretary (iv) ICT (v) Engineering
(vi) Medical (vii) Safety & Security (viii) Hospitality (ix) Education (x) General

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