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Our core services includes


Workforce/Executive Hire Services 

At Inter-Arc Consultants Ltd, we are committed to providing complete, first class integrated human services to our clients. The strength of a company is in the quality of its workforce. Human resources is also the name of the function within an organization charged with the overall responsibility for implementing strategies and policies relating to the management of individuals. We partner with our clients in the hiring, training and maximizing the productivity of their personnel in their workplace.


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Research Services

We have over the years achieved some insights for our clients through rigorous painstaking research processes and proprietary methodologies under the following activities:

Writing business plan: we help our client in writing business plan for any project the client wants to engage in, using various parameters. We can advise the client on the profitability or otherwise of the project. The client can now make a decision based on this study.

Human resources policy: without policies, employees will take advantage of the company, hurting morale and causing time consuming problems, also waste in man hour resulting from lack of clear policy thrust of the organization. Because of this, we provide professional up-to-date Human resource Policy writing skills to clients and prospective employers. 

Financial Policy: we help our client in writing financial policy to serve as internal control measures fro the organization as well as a financial standard document regulating all financial management.

Training Workshop Papers: we undertake the writing of seminar, training workshop papers for our client.

Conducting Enumeration Service: we carry out enumeration services that will help our client in determining correct data for their business.

Market/Social Research: research can be defined as the search for knowledge or as any systematic investigation to establish novel facts, solve new or existing problems, prove new ideas or develop new theories usually scientific methods. We use all the above methodologies in helping our clients know more of their industries and how their companies solve the same problems our clients face. Also we assist our clients to develop more insightful research on various areas of business.

Market Report: we offer a wide range of marketing report services also provide our client with ad hoc marketing consulting and commercial due diligence.

Outsourcing Services 

This basically has to do with the contracting of a business function that was performed in-house to an external provider. We enter into contractual agreement with out clients to perform some business functions of them. These services add values to our clients and also take the burden off them as we have seasoned professionals to handle such tasks for them. This includes:

Providing customized recruitment and executive workforce hiring solutions to organizations nation wide.
Debt recovery for banks: we help banks (microfinance, Commercial and reputable organizations) to recover their debt. This debt recovery drive is specially tailored to fit our clients need carried out in most professional manner.
Event management: we develop, create and manage various types of events and conferences for our clients. These events range from festivals, carnivals, birthday, and Annual General Meetings etc.
Other services: we can be called upon to carry out other consultancy services outside those enumerated above for our clients and we will be glad to do so.