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Our core services includes


Agency Services 

We also undertake agency services by serving as intermediary between our principals and clients. That is we are a bridge between our client’s problem and the solutions in the following areas;

Property sales/purchases linking buyers with sellers) :we help our clients who are looking for properties to buy with sellers of the property also client who are willing to sell their property with potential buyer
 Rent matters (linking tenants with land lord or vice versa: we offer advice on short hold tenancy agreement for our clients on tenant eviction, landlord law, tenancy agreement, eviction notice etc.
 Business Negotiation (acting on behalf of our principal): we help our clients to dialogue between two parties intended to reach an understanding to resolve issues


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General Management Support Services

We offer management support services in the following areas;

Business advisory: we offer professional and well tailored business advisory services to our clients seeking to embark on new business opportunities by assessing the feasibility of such opportunities in the business environment. Also, we build business models for our clients that will help in implementation of business plans and minimize time wastage associated with project implementation

Administrative support and back up management: this is provided for our client to meet their administrative challenges in various aspect of their organization .we also provide backup services for our clients in various areas and this add value to our clients.

Business turn around services: we offer restructuring turn around services that can get your business back on track. Organization that have problems come to us for advice on how to revitalize their businesses; also entrepreneurs who started their companies with big ideas and the determination to make it fly, but needed help to really start soaring also make use of the services provided by us.

Stock taking: this is the act or process of inventorying merchandise or the supplies on hand and also the reappraisal of situation, a person or one’s own position or prospects. we carry out stock taking for our client, whether material which involves the documentation of material, which clients own or by appraisal of some business situation that our advice is needed.

Bank charges audit: we scrutinize charges made by bank to their customers to ensure it conforms to central bank guidelines and other due consideration.

Personal audit: Large organizations like public corporation or Government Ministries or parastatals verify their staff on a yearly basis. We undertake personnel audit to rule out ghost staff and establish authentic number of personnel necessary for planning.

Financial investigation: we gather information on financial crime or impropriety. This includes embezzlement, graft, money laundering, etc. this intelligence gathering service is undertaking for our clients.

ICT support: we offer information, communication, technology services to our clients to help them in their businesses. This has a wide range of application as we tailor each service to suit the specific need of the client.

Entrepreneurship Training & Mentoring Services 

Entrepreneurship training: our entrepreneurship training is carefully packaged to teach you irrespective of your educational financial independence such as teach practical idea for building wealth through owing a small business and be acquainted with strategies that have won excellence.